In 2010 CΞC StructurePendium Technologies GmbH has been founded to support the optimization of data management in the scope of R&D of the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, chemical and cosmetics industry. It offers consulting services for the workflow management of biological, chemical, and physical data, implementation services, and training for standard software components in the following fields

  • Representation of chemical structures and reactions
    • Normalization of chemical structures and reactions
    • Development of database consistent company drawing rules
    • Handling of biologics and biopolymers based on V2/V3 molfiles, Accelrys SCSR format, HELM, or Biochemfusion PLN Notation
    • Special compound classes like polymers, mixtures, formulations, or compounds with structure sections described by statistical distributions based on V2/V3 molfile Format
  • Design of data models for structure and reaction database systems and their related biological and physicochemical data for data registration and retrieval (data warehouses, datamarts)
  • Development of registration and retrieval systems for chemical and biological data
  • Development of data mining and reporting tools, data analysis for compound or reaction related data with related alphanumeric data from physicochemistry and biology
  • Migration and/or separation of databases containing chemical structures and/or reactions
  • Maintenance of legacy Systems
  • Collectiing of user scenarios and defining user requirements
  • Project Management
  • Business consulting

Using tools from Accelrys, ChemAxon, BioChemfusion, Knime, RDKit, Oracle, Microsoft etc.